British Columbia Canada

3 photographers Max

My only other international trip.

A brief look at the trip

Due to covid travel restrictions i can at present only give a brief overview of the trip.

Over the last 25 years i have travelled to Canada more than 50 times, at first it was fishing trips with friends the last ten years for wildlife photography, in the early days while fishing we would see Bald Eagles, Sea Otter, White sided dolphins, Orcas and humpback whales and of course Bears, i knew then i wanted to explore more of British Columbia to see the wildlife.

I had no intention of flying into Vancouver staying at a bear lodge for a week or two then flying home, i knew there was so much more to see by driving around the different areas and that's what i did, i would drive up to 500 miles a day to get to different areas for specific wildlife, some good some not so good.

British Columbia is vast so it took me a lots trips to get out with different guides and on different boats, listening/making notes and asking lots of stupid questions I'm sure, now that i guide photographers there I'm glad i did all the ground work years ago.

Viewing or Photography

There is a huge difference between them as you know, but in Canada its easy to make the mistake that both are the same, you can go out on a whale watching boat with 300 other people but if you know where to go, you can walk round the corner and find a boat that takes twelve people that sits stable in the water and you can photograph wildlife at water level with a guide who has had images featured in Nation Geographic, or go to a bear viewing platform with the crowds of people like most photographer do, look down on the Bears from an elevated distance, not what you will do on my trip, in fact when we go to the Black bears you will be fitted out with fishing waders, so you can get in the water or on the Gravel beside the water, with the Black Bears and Cubs beside you, the guide has worked on the same river for more than twenty years guiding fishermen amongst the bears and while he only guides my group of photographers.

The trip is for 3 photographers only and for a full two weeks, normally late September when the Salmon are running all the rivers in BC, and try and spend a few days in each target species area.

From Grizzly town Bella Coola to Black bear country on Vancouver Island we will cover it all with stop off's in between to cover other species such as Sea Lions, Sea Otters, Humpback Whales and Orca's.

I normally start planning the trip around March each year and bookings are only available via email or phone, every other year i change this slightly to take in the drive through the Rocky Mountains voted one of the best drives in the World, or the world-famous Adams river Salmon run.

During the trip everyone will have thier own room at every location we travel too, the overall cost will include Transport, accommodation, all meals and guide costs.

Please contact me for the fully costed itinerary and dates for each year. Only available via e-mail or phone booking.

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